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A handgun was held to Holmes’ head before he was shot in the back as he tried to flee.

He made the album Crazy Times 2 and is netting a cut from sales of the £6.99 CD.

The East London rapper, real name Carl Dobson, was outraged when his half-brother was “dissed” in a song lyric by up-and-coming garage star Shaba Shah in 2005.

Titch and pal Anthony Green, 31, confronted ­producer Richard Holmes, 21, who had become ­associated with Shah.

The likes of Ori and The Blind Forest, Batman Arkham series, The Witcher series, and many more aren't in the radar of most Japanese gamers. Why do you think Square Enix bought a lot of Western studios in recent years? Lack of structure for a thriving indie scene Since PC gaming isn't big in Japan, the indie scene isn't too. The governments of Canada, Scandinavia, and other organizations for indie devs exist in the West for a thriving indie scene while in Japan there's only been summits that have occurred just recently and are in no way comparable like say to Indiecade.4.

Slow adoption to technology It's Japan it's got to be high tech. While they may be advanced in some things there are also a lot where they are very behind.I had one Italian student who wrote: "He is like an "informatic boy": he loves playing video games every day" I mean, nerd and geek doesn't really work, does it?

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